In the 7 years that we have been in business, we’ve taught thousands of people how to surf…young and old, big and small, fearful and fearless, even people who don’t know how to swim. We understand the common fears that people have of surfing…sharks, injuries, looking silly in front of other people 🙂 That’s why we do our best to make sure you have a good time while learning a new (challenging) sport!

Last year I received a typical phone call inquiring about our lessons, answered the questions and made reservations for the group. The lady on the phone (we’ll call her “Sarah” to protect her identity) then told me that her daughter (“Kathy”) was going to be in the group of surfers and that she has a physical disability…she is blind. We talked about how we would go about teaching her to surf and after we hung up, I was so excited for this opportunity! A few days later, Kathy and her family arrived – we learned that Kathy had just gone blind within the last 2 years (she was 18). The family had visited Hawaii a few years back (Kathy still had vision on this visit) and never got around to taking surf lessons and really wanted to make it happen this time. We were happy to make this dream come true and she ROCKED on a surfboard! She caught so many waves and didn’t let her lack of vision hold her back at all! The rest of her family did awesome as well and they cheered each other on the whole lesson. I love watching family dynamics during a surf lesson and this family had FUN together!

I am always inspired by people who step outside of their comfort zone. Surfing can be scary…so can the ocean! Watching Kathy dominate her lesson was a fine example of the power of human spirit…she had a loving family cheering her on, encouraging instructors and absolute faith in herself. Kathy also could not have been any cuter – absolutely beautiful and smiled from the minute she showed up until she left. Mahalo to Kathy and her family for being such fine examples of awesome students!