alohaAloha is much more than hello, goodbye, and I love you. It is more than letting someone merge in front of you on the road and receiving a shaka in return for your kind deed. It is more than a kiss on the cheek or a lei upon your shoulders. Aloha is a way of life, an aspiration to a higher power. It is truly about loving yourself and your fellow humans. It is also about letting go of ego. There is a deeper meaning.

An acronym floats amongst some circles of Hawaiian teachers and students that offers a more thorough and connective explanation. They even proffer that the Aloha Spirit can heal and be the answer to those looking for world peace. Native Hawaiian kahuna like Pilahi Paki and Kauila Clark offer this acronym for Aloha’s deeper meaning:

A- Akahai-meaning Kindness, as expressed with Tenderness

L- Lokahi-meaning Unity, as expressed with Harmony

O- Olu Olu-meaning Agreeable, as expressed with Pleasantness

H- Ha‘a Ha‘a-meaning Humility, as expressed in Modesty

A- Ahonui-meaning patience as expressed in Perseverance

Mahalo to our friends at Seek Spot for this contribution!